Calcul8 is a quick fire math game. Remade from back when I did #90daydev.

AIM: to reach the number 0.

  • Touch / Click buttons to subtract the number from your goal number till you hit 0.
  • Press buttons again to undo.

TIP: the more buttons you use, the higher you'll score!

[UPDATE: there is now a refresh button in case you get stuck!]

31/03/2020 - Download versions now available (please note linux and mac versions in this file are experimental and not tested)

PLUS refresh the page (Ctrl F5) for latest web version

Developed by Liam Twose


*NEW* 501 MB


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Is there a limit?... I've spent more time than I'd like to admit this night and it just keeps going up xD

All I can say is it will (should) eventually break, yes... xD

doesnt  work, black screen

Hi no idea why, it shows up fine for me. What os and browser are you using?

I've added desktop versions to the page for you to try. Hope this helps. I will also try uploading a new web version.


ok, you just have to put the shields down on brave browser, it works, thanks!