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Are there any up-to-date details for Games Design Scholarships in the UK? (Assuming they exist)


Wow! This is an excellente resouce! Thanx! lml

Also, I wanted to add my submission but the link seems to be broken. Is there any other way ?

Thank you! Appreciate it.

Have created a new form for submitting entries at

Update: 2022/23 Edition is now ready! =D

Any plans for GGIG2022?

Hi, thanks, yes hoping to release 22/23 edition soon :)


Can't wait!


A very good guide, good job

Thank you! =D


Holy shorts.
This is amazing.
It was only just recently, after watching a video someone made covering what they went through when they released a game, that I wondered how the heck am I going to to find half the resources this guy did? Well, this thing is a huge shove in the right direction.

Thank you! Glad to hear it =D hope it opens doors one day for you! :)


Amazing list! Thank you!

Also, I have a link you may want to add:

Thank you! Will check it out and see it added!


I found this with the "Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality". For sure I'm going to take a good look at this. Thank you so much!

Amazing, hope you find it useful =D