ARGH-P-G is a fast-paced dungeon crawler, an rpg game designed not to stand in your way (too much).

Fast track your way through the dungeon to banish the root of all evil for good.

Controls: touch, mouse + arrow keys, OR


OR numpad keys also allow for movement and interaction in all directions as per the keys above.

2020-06-30 - IF you get stuck in a level, press F5 to start a whole new level but continue from where you were! (thank you to

2020-03-31 - uploaded latest version of desktop versions (please note linux and mac versions are experimental and untested)

PLUS refresh the page (Ctrl F5) for latest web version

By @LiamTwose (

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Paladin can't kill anything without getting massacred within two levels. Tried rogue, instakilled everything and then got stuck in wall when I clicked the green triangle to go down what I think is supposed to be stairs.


Thanks for the game!

Thank you. You're welcome. I'd love to find the time to revamp it. =D

The archive has an Android icon but I don't see an APK in the ZIP.  Am I missing something or is Android not supported?


Ah apologies, no not available on Android, not sure how that got ticked, have amended, thank you :)

Yep got to level 47 and got stuck behind a knife because my attack was already maxed out. You need to make items disappear after a certain amount of time or something like that. I would like to be able to finish your game!


hey hit refresh (f5) and it should start a new level where you got to. :)


Thanks! That was a very easy fix and I breezed right through the end. Another victory!


Awesome. I should probably add some more content. Seems quite a few have reached lvl 50 xD


Well you probably weren't expecting a half million people to suddenly own it


hah very true...

Sometimes it seems that the rogues arrows stop working. This appears to happen after you run out of arrows, even if you then refill. I've walked into a room with 40 arrows and nothing happens

odd, never seen that bug, did you try pressing F5 to refresh to see if it sorts it?

Yes, a refresh would fix it, but otherwise nothing would. It seems like the game believed you had no arrows, even though arrows were indicated on screen. I first thought it had to do with the magical orb that maxed arrows, but it happened later with normal arrow increases.

thank you. Appreciate the feedback! :)

Is it intended to get stuck at level 51? I cant found the stairs to an exit. and it takes all my life away when I am in the room i think is supposed to take me to the next level.

Nope but you've technically beaten the game. =D It's supposed to give you one final boss xD


Oh, wow really?  I encounter  a green big guy and after that  it took me to the next level. So I thought there was more. Hehehe. But thank you for letting me know.

Same, there was no boss here. There was one small boss somewhere in a previous level but nothing else

I can't stop playing. It is difficult and fun. Congratulations.

Thank you... Glad to hear it! =D

Got to floor 16 but there are spikes in the way of the door to the stairs so I can't progress further

It was fun while it lasted, though

refresh the page and it will start a new level so you can continue! :)

What do the numbers 1-5 do? It turns on some kind of light show, but I have no idea what it means :)

hi its magic, anything caught in the light show/s perish (different range) - the idea was that you would build up the mana over time and use the magic as needed. 

Only really useful for the mage, not the rogue. Although it appears I didn't lock the keys so you could use them for the knight also.


Got to level 51 as a rogue no problem, but now I'm trapped in the stairs room with no way out.  The door's even vanished!  I think I broke it :D  Btw what do the various items do?  I figured out the man replenished arrows and the red heals you, but what does the meat and other potions do?


hah guess in that case you beat the game xD

There is supposed to be a final boss..

The green potion = mana (mage)

Meat I think is another means of healing (seems pointless tho with healing potions)

Kept crashing now and then (particularly when using stairs) until I swapped to using solely the numpad instead of the mouse to interact (except for picking up green potions, seems I can only do that with the mouse), but got stuck on Lvl 48 because I have 25 swords and the only door left is blocked by a sword I can't pick up :( 

also could not figure out the mage at all, seems like they have no way to attack despite what I assume is a mana bar in the top left?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for the feedback, apologies :) will address those issues in the next update =D can't remember if I added a means to reset the level or not (in case you get stuck etc)

(1 edit)

ohhhh, you get capped at 25 swords?. 

Yeah I'm stuck on level 43 w/ 44/44 arrows; 5 keys; 801, whatever the upper right is; and a sword in front of my progress door. darn XD.

Oh, hunh, refreshed page and it kept my progress huzzah I'm un-stuck.

Oh really? =D will test and post an official message! Thank you!


Got to level 41 easily as rogue, but, the only door left is behind a spike trap (the stabby type) and of course I can't walk through it.

Also I'm at 25 attack and I think it's maxed, since I can't pick up swords anymore either.

I also couldn't pick up the green ??potion?? that spawned in level 30-something, but I have no idea what it does and why I couldn't pick it up.

Still fun. :)

Whoops. Of all the places to spawn some spikes! Will investigate. Thank you and glad you had fun still =D

Got to level 51, there was no stairs down.

woah.. in that case you beat the game! Congrats. It is supposed to put an end boss though!

Neat game, unfortunately I got stuck on stage 44 though. I was on full health and the only door left was behind a health potion, so the potion blocked the door, and I couldn't pick it up because of my full health.

Also, this is best played with numpad, you can go in all 8 directions and numpad works and feels most natural for that to me.

Of all the things to block your path! Apologies... I will have it remove the potion if full =D

Good point re: numpad (totally forgot I'd coded that in - will update description)

fixed the potion bug. you can use them even if your health is full now.

Thanks for fixing the bug :)

I was pleasantly surprised that my progress was saved and continued my run. Now I got the same thing as McFrugal, when I entered the last room on floor 51, the doors in that room disappeared, but no boss spawned. There's a green arrow pointing at the top though, as if there was a staircase in taht direction. Trying to move in that direction doesn't do anything though.

Congrats for completing it also. I will see if I can have it double check what level you are on and spawn the boss ;)


play as the rouge to kill all enemies instantly, play as any other class to die instantly, if there is meant to be something else to it the game does not tell you

Yeah, I play as the rogue because of how easy it is, I haven't yet understood how to attack with the paladin or the mage