ARGH-P-G is a fast-paced dungeon crawler, an rpg game designed not to stand in your way (too much).

Fast track your way through the dungeon to banish the root of all evil for good.

Controls: touch, mouse + arrow keys, OR


OR numpad keys also allow for movement and interaction in all directions as per the keys above.

31/03/2020 - uploaded latest version of desktop versions (please note linux and mac versions are experimental and untested)

PLUS refresh the page (Ctrl F5) for latest web version

Development by Liam Twose

Install instructions

When purchased you will be able to download copies to play on your Mac, Linux and/or Windows Devices (touch enabled).

Download the version to match your system and the game file will need to be unzipped before you can run.

Run ARGH-P-G.exe to play.


*NEW* 497 MB


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Got to level 41 easily as rogue, but, the only door left is behind a spike trap (the stabby type) and of course I can't walk through it.

Also I'm at 25 attack and I think it's maxed, since I can't pick up swords anymore either.

I also couldn't pick up the green ??potion?? that spawned in level 30-something, but I have no idea what it does and why I couldn't pick it up.

Still fun. :)

Whoops. Of all the places to spawn some spikes! Will investigate. Thank you and glad you had fun still =D

Got to level 51, there was no stairs down.

woah.. in that case you beat the game! Congrats. It is supposed to put an end boss though!

Neat game, unfortunately I got stuck on stage 44 though. I was on full health and the only door left was behind a health potion, so the potion blocked the door, and I couldn't pick it up because of my full health.

Also, this is best played with numpad, you can go in all 8 directions and numpad works and feels most natural for that to me.

Of all the things to block your path! Apologies... I will have it remove the potion if full =D

Good point re: numpad (totally forgot I'd coded that in - will update description)

fixed the potion bug. you can use them even if your health is full now.

Thanks for fixing the bug :)

I was pleasantly surprised that my progress was saved and continued my run. Now I got the same thing as McFrugal, when I entered the last room on floor 51, the doors in that room disappeared, but no boss spawned. There's a green arrow pointing at the top though, as if there was a staircase in taht direction. Trying to move in that direction doesn't do anything though.

Congrats for completing it also. I will see if I can have it double check what level you are on and spawn the boss ;)

play as the rouge to kill all enemies instantly, play as any other class to die instantly, if there is meant to be something else to it the game does not tell you