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What is Adliberum Engine?

The Adliberum Engine allows you to turn stories into interactive worlds, scenarios and games. A text heavy engine that pays homage to the classic text adventure experience focusing heavily on 'data' whilst offering you full control and freedom.

The engine is currently in development and will offer greater levels of customization. This will come in the form of mods that will allow you to render the data in different ways. When it comes down to it, all games have text and data at their hearts, ADLENGINE capitalizes on this.

The engine is donation-ware, and support will be greatly appreciated.

To access the latest version of the engine goto:


Type dl and press enter to download your game files to your computer. (import now in j)

To import simply scroll to the bottom left and choose a game file to import.

Downloading The Engine;

Download the files for your relevant system from below.

Run nw.exe (windows) or (put the web files in a folder where you want it to run on your website)

Edit the config.adlengine file (works in notepad) to set certain customisations.

When editing your world. Use the command dl to export your game / map This file tells the adlengine player what to do.

  1. game.adlengine - the all important game file

If this file is present in the game folder it will be loaded at startup and will allow you to continue editing your game (or someone else to play it)



  • look
  • examine
  • open / close
  • lock / unlock
  • take / drop
  • equip / unequip
  • wear / remove
  • eat / drink
  • use / push / pull
  • n / e / s / w
  • ne / nw / se / sw
  • up / down


  • delete [objectname]
    • e.g. delete chest
  • build [objectname]
    • e.g. build chest
  • build [objectname].[classname]
    • e.g. build locker.container
  • build exit [direction]
    • e.g. build exit e
  • delete exit [direction]
    • e.g. delete exit e

// new requires command //

to take object requires gloves

sets a command that requires you to have an object in order to be able to perform a specific task.


  • room name is [name]
    • e.g. room name is Empty Room.
  • room description is [description]
    • e.g. room description is An empty room.

Setting Room Images.

  1. room image is [imagename]
    1. e.g. room image is cell


  1. in adlengine folder rename package.nw to package.rar
  2. open the archive package.rar using a winzip tool
  3. place room images inside
  4. rename file back to package.nw
  5. run adlengine.
  6. Your room images should now load.

*room images need to be .jpg files.


simply upload the .jpg file to the folder where adlengine is on your website.

using the room image is command will look for images in the folder.

look at object will also look for .jpg images in the folder with the same name as the object and will display them for a short period, good for giving extra detail.


All objects have parameters that define how they can be interacted with.

build box
object name is wooden box
object description is A large wooden box.

  • movable / immovable
  • visible / hidden
  • open / closed / openable
  • lockable / locked / unlocked
  • takeable / eatable / drinkable / useable

To edit objects, simply describe them, using adlengines' clever verbOSE scripting language.

  • [objectname] is visible
    • e.g. chest is visible

For example to create a chest we could do;

  1. build chest
  2. chest is visible
  3. chest is openable
  4. chest is closed
  5. chest is lockable
  6. chest is locked
  7. chest requires steel key

we could also do build chest.container (container is a prefab to save time)

.obj creates an empty object that can be taken.

Feedback and bug reports gratefully appreciated. Please use the forum to chat with me about ADLENGINE.

Tweet me @liamtwose or @adliberum with #adlengine to chat with us about it, or to share info about the engine with others.


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macosx64 - adlengine v10435j.zip 96 MB
web files - adlengine - v10435j.zip 32 MB
win32 - adlengine v10435j.zip 76 MB
win64 - adlengine v10435j.zip 85 MB
How-To-Use-ADLENGINE.pdf 565 kB


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