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What is Adliberum Engine?

Current version: v1.1.50.8* - https://www.adliberum.com/engine
Grab the latest files at https://www.adliberum.com/engine/dl/11508

You can now launch a multiplayer session using /join

reader on turns on screen reader compatibility mode - read more info on how to use adlengine with screenreader (NVDA confirmed working)
: speech can be enabled by using speech on / speech off

speech can be paused by using p / pause / play or pressing the PAUSE / BRK key.
accessibility: browser menu can be accessed using ALT combinations.

geo on / geo off turns on geoimages, which fetches image data from real world locations. defaults to your location.
...use geo location name i.e. geo grand canyon to set location data.

** fixed major bug causing creative mode to turn itself off between custom command entries **

*two paradoxes have been culled since the last update..
*you can now chat using say instead of # e.g. say hello .. say how are you?
*room and popup images can now be .png, .jpg (defaults to) or jpeg
*you can now upload images for your rooms / scenarios.
*chat is now limited to prevent wrapping.... preventing it breaking!

The Adliberum Engine allows you to turn stories into interactive worlds, scenarios and games. A text heavy engine that pays homage to the classic text adventure experience focusing heavily on 'data' whilst offering you full control and freedom.

The engine is currently in development and will offer greater levels of customization. This will come in the form of mods that will allow you to render the data in different ways. When it comes down to it, all games have text and data at their hearts, ADLENGINE capitalizes on this.

The engine is donation-ware, and your support is greatly appreciated. Currently you can use the engine online OR deploy it to your own web server.

* stand alone versions will come at a later date*

Highly recommend you to read / download the manual:


To access the latest version of the engine online goto:


or download direct at: https://www.adliberum.com/engine/dl/11508

To launch multiplayer:

  1. type .join and press enter

To save your creations type dl and press enter to download your game files to your computer. (import now in j)

To import simply move the mouse to the bottom left and choose a game file to import.

To create a new map type new map

Feedback and bug reports gratefully appreciated. Please use the forum to chat with me about ADLENGINE.

Tweet me @liamtwose or @adliberum with #adlengine to chat with us about it, or to share info about the engine with others.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

how-to-use-adlengine.pdf 550 kB
webfiles.tar.gz 33 MB
webfiles.zip 33 MB
game.adlengine 22 kB
build trapped scenario.pdf 42 kB


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