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What is Adliberum Engine?

The Adliberum Engine (1.1.61.X) allows you to turn stories into interactive worlds, scenarios and games. A text heavy engine that pays homage to the classic text adventure experience focusing heavily on 'data' whilst offering you full control and freedom.

The engine is currently in development and will offer greater levels of customization. This will come in the form of mods that will allow you to render the data in different ways. When it comes down to it, all games have text and data at their hearts, ADLENGINE capitalizes on this.

The engine is currently in early access, and your support is greatly appreciated.

Highly recommend you check out the current up-to-date command map on trello at https://trello.com/b/EE0Z7oWX

or read the manual at https://www.adliberum.com/engine/manual

To save your creations type save and press enter to download your game files to your computer. (.adlengine)

To create a new map type new map

Feedback and bug reports gratefully appreciated. Please use the comments system below or tweet me @liamtwose or @adliberum with #adlengine to discuss or share info about the engine with others.

Adlengine is free to use. You may freely distribute your game/s if you choose to distribute them as free game/s or product/s (or) if you adopt a pay-what-you-want model. Try adlengine online at https://www.adliberum.com/tryadlengine

Please note: If you intend to host adlengine online you will need a hosting license at https://gum.co/hostadlengine OR if you intend to distribute games made with adlengine for a fixed price or on Steam or other platforms you are required to purchase a commercial license for a small fee per annum at https://gumroad.com/l/buyadlengine. This supports development of the engine and sustains continued production of the distributable files.

For educational use, please purchase seats for ADLENGINE at:


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linux32.zip (v1.1.615b) 101 MB
linux64.zip (v1.1.615b) 98 MB
osx64.zip (v1.1.615b) 105 MB
win32.zip (v1.1.615b) 90 MB
win64.zip (v1.1.615b) 93 MB

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