Early look at new in-built Map Editor...

As part of the bid to get adlengine out of early access in 2019 we're working on an official in-built suite of tools to aid development using #adlengine in-line with bringing it to a more learnable state.

Starting with a dedicated map editor which will allow you to quickly lay down the foundations of any scenario / game.

Below is a sneak peak.

From this editor you will be able to add / delete / edit rooms and any contents within them, such as exits, objects, characters and more.

Other tools we'll be developing as part of the suite:

  • Script editor that will make complex scripting easier.
  • UI editor to allow you to customise or totally alter the look and experience.

Future tools:

  • Timeline editor to handle events
  • Dialogue manager.

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Damm, that's neat.

Thank you! Will make it into the next update.