Adlengine - v1.1.61.X - Major changes afoot

Major changes are afoot.

Rendering Text Changes

  • Rendering text is now handled using text areas instead of static text objects, which will soon be added to theme controls, these allow for greater control of text, neater rendering and the ability to scroll back through previous text that has been rendered.

Hoping these will also be more friendlier to screen readers.

New friendlier commands in this version:

New IS command, a there and then or staggered comparison command. Alternative to the IF command which stores comparison commands which are called when you type specific phrases.

  • is something
  • equal to something
  • not equal to something
  • greater than something
  • less than something
  • or equal to something (may just become or equal to)
  • then do something
  • and do something
  • and2 do something
  • and3 do something
  • else do something
  • end is / endis / end

An example of this in use:

is haskey
equal to 1
then unlockdoor()
else narrate need to find a key.

Changes to delete commands.

  • delete object objectname
  • delete script scriptname
  • delete var variablename
  • delete custom customname

More great stuff to come.

Editing Map Data Direct

map data | will be changed to / allowing you to write directly to the data i.e.

Existing data...

  • /entityname/health/100
  • or /x/y/z/objectname/open/y

Or writing new data.

Choose Your Path Mod

Watching Bandersnatch recently has reinvigorated a fire within, to make ADLENGINE the best text-powered rpg engine.

The options mod allows you to render buttons as major choices, usable to either handle choices in game or could be used for dialogue. See the manual for commands related to this.

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