EDIT DATA COMMANDS: Coming In Next Version

EDIT DATA COMMANDS: Coming In Next Version

You will soon be able to edit the raw data behind your world/game using the following commands:
edit config
Allows you to edit settings.

edit session
Allows you to edit exit data / timed events on the fly.

edit map
Allows you to quickly tweak / edit the map.

edit scripts
Allows you to edit scripts that have been stored.

edit custom
Allows you to edit custom scripts that you've created from using the if command.

edit events
Allows you to edit event data. Access events timeline using events

edit inv
Allows you to tweak / edit the players inventory, including equipped and worn items.

edit private
Allows you to edit any private data.

edit lookup
Allows you to edit the lookup data.

edit lang
Allows you to edit the language data.

All changes will be automatically saved every 5 seconds, press the update button to commit the changes and refresh the map (look).

These new commands will help you to make minor tweaks to data rather than always typing out full commands. 

The data format is .json which if you understand the structure you could also add / delete your own data manually.

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