is now LIVE! Biggest Update To-Date! is now LIVE! Biggest Update To-Date!

Hey everyone, this is the biggest update I've done to-date, below I've listed all the cool new stuff, bug fixes and more.

Please let me know how you are getting on with the engine, if there is anything holding you back or if there are things you would like to see added.

Make sure to check out and vote on the official development roadmap at https://trello.com/b/fb5sKcHx/adlengine-dev-roadmap


NEW: Intellisense now suggests words / commands as you type.
- intellisense on / off
- all active commands should appear as suggestions.
- use tab key to accept and use the suggestion.

NEW: ability to add an object / word / phrase to INTELLISENSE?
- intellisense:phrase to add
- best used to add custom commands / command variations to intellisense

NEW: cycle last-typed command history with UP ARROW / DOWN ARROW
- gives quick access to previously typed commands / aids error correction.


NEW: creative can also be called to enable / disable creative mode.

NEW: to attach objectname requires objectname
- i.e. to attach rope requires glue
- i.e. to detach lid requires screwdriver

NEW: detach objectname
- i.e. detach rope

NEW: objects can now be made detachable / not detachable
- i.e. rope is detachable
- i.e. handle is part of door
- i.e. handle is not detachable


NPCS are an experimental addition.. what they can currently do:
- visible in who's here.
- ai can open doors
- ai can move from room to room
- ai can take objects that are visible / not glued down ;)

NEW: NPC/AI characters can be added using:
- build ainame.ai
- i.e. build bob.ai

NPC/AI: npc characters AI now runs anywhere, previously it would only run in the same room as the player.

Options / Accessibility:

NEW: font size is small / medium / large
- changes the font size for the text renderer.

NEW: delete key now repeats if held.

NEW: ctrl + backspace
- deletes the entire current command entry

Theme / Customisation:

NEW: border color is black / white / red / green / blue
NEW: bg color is black / white / red / green / blue
NEW: font color is black / white / red / green / blue
- there appears to be a bug when font color and bg color are both changed that stops the text renderer rendering.

Scripting / Custom Commands:

NEW: force n / e / s / w / ne / nw / se / sw / u / d
- allows you to force move the player in a direction, i.e. if they find an alternative way to exit, that others havent.

Enhancements / Minor Fixes:

NEW: Add ! (If placed at end of command forces feedback on) ie. Take dirt!
- used when calling commands from script commands such as IF or via .verbose files.
- Mostly important for custom events and timeline events!!!
- (still to add) = Add to timeline events!!! Needs to store if feedback or no!

FIX: change the relative exit in the next room when closing one in your current room... i.e. close n = close s in the next room...
- if you close the exit north, the exit in the room to the north that leads south will now also close.

Bugs / Fixes:

BUG FIXED: attached objects are now VISIBLE.

BUG FIXED: Custom commands now work outside of creative mode.

BUG FIXED: custom commands no longer feed back the command when called!

BUG FIXED: typed command no longer lost when processing commands

FIX: creative mode ON adds creative commands to intellisense... OFF = deletes.
- intellisense commands for creative mode now activate / deactivate

FIX: strip save file of creative and general intellisense.. / (anything thats added on launch that isnt custom)
- reduced file size for .adlengine game files.

FIX: build exit builds exit relative (in the next room) i.e. build exit n (in start room) builds an exit s (in the next room)
- adds two-way exits now.

Thanks for your continued support.

~ Liam


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