Another big update, includes a better example starting level, the fantasy mud from the tutorial. You can launch the old one: load oldgame.adlengine


You can now buy / sell objects:

A room can be made into a shop:
room is a shop

OR demoted to a regular room:
room is not a shop

You need to set an owner of the room:
owner is bob

To buy or sell an item, the item must have a currency assigned: i.e.
treasure.currency = gold

And a value given: i.e.
treasure.value = 100

IF BUYING you need to have enough of the matching currency.

To Buy:
buy sword

IF SELLING the room needs an owner, the owner needs to be in the room and the owner must have enough of the matching currency available to buy it.

To Sell:
sell rope

When building objects for sale in shops, build them as static objects that cant be taken. i.e.
build sword
build rope

This prevents anyone taking them. The player will automatically take the item when its bought.


A) when steam updates it will overwrite files in the folder, make sure you keep files backed up elsewhere so you can plug in custom images / sounds etc again.

B) when using the query command it is best practise to use it to call a stored script or simple commands
?strength=100:do liftitem!narrate you cant lift it.

C) when setting parameters of objects first focus on the object, then do the setting i.e.
focus sword
sword.damage = 10

Also make sure you back up game.adlengine and any other important files or you will lose any progress made.


small info
medium info
big info
large info
Sets the size of the message bar font.

red info
green info
blue info
white info
black info
grey info
Sets the colour of the message bar font.

clear info
Clears the message bar.

Deletes the furthest character from the right of the message bar.

info / info space
Renders a space to the message bar at the bottom of the screen.

i.e. info You are feeling unwell.
Renders to the message bar at the bottom of the screen.

write / write space
Renders a space to the text queue.

i.e. write The door slammed shut.
Similar to the Narrate command but doesn't include the ' ' s

clear ticker
Clears any text currently queued to be rendered.

Saves game data to the hard drive (more user-friendly thand dl)


FIX: typed commands were wiping when commands were being performed, i.e. using event timers.

FIX: player location data is now stored correctly.
FIX: player moves to last saved location on reload.

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